Offshore Company Formation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the finest places for setting up overseas organizations. Its legislation for company formation is simple and attractive. The land provides work freedom to foreign businessmen. It is often known as the “Switzerland of the Central America.” The nations are in good economic relationships with many top nations of the world. Though, Costa Rica is known as an incredible place to live after retirement, but rapidly turning to be an ideal destination for wide varieties of foreign business opportunities. The economy of the country is strong and is growing. It has political stability. Strong workforce is available to offer productive environment.

Costa Rica is well known for setting up gambling businesses. Investors who execute online gambling or casino activities work under a “data processing license.” It is necessary to have a physical address in Costa Rica to become eligible for the license. The official language of the land is “Spanish” though, English is widely spoken, es0pecially for official work. It is why international businessmen don’t find language problem in dealing with business issues.

The place offers flexible corporate regime and banks of Cost Rica promise to maintain secrecy of savings. There is no legal requirement to reveal beneficial ownership of companies. Overseas companies of Cost Rica can able to find complete relief from tax if they are doing business outside. In this situation the physical office is in Cost Rica but the whole work process is taking outside the nation. The country government has setup some company formation rules and regulations that must to follow to every investor of the land. 

According to the rules, it is must to have the offshore company name in Spanish or English. Each company name must end with S.A. to denote limited liability. Freedom in exchange control is offered. The company formation needs to appoint director. The private limited company should have a local address in Costa Rica.

To form an offshore organization smoothly in Costa Rica, it is smart to take help from creation de societes offshore formation agencies. They are expert in handling various types of company formation services. These are highly respected agencies providing wide varieties of services to choose from including company secretary, office setup, notary, accounting, office work support etc… It is easy to setup a foreign nation company in Cost Rica with the support of offshore company formation agencies. They promise to setup an organization fast, quickly and well-organized manner.

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Costa Rica offshore incorporation

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