Costituzione di Societe Offshore Singapore

Singapore is one of the most well-established destination. It is economically strong. The land has now become one of the most favourite destinations for offshore investment. Investors from various parts of the world have found Singapore a secure place to start various types of businesses including retail, IT, manufacturing etc…

Singapore has a British based legal system and corporate law is based on common law basis. Singapore is a signatory to a number of double tax and investment protection treaties which offer security advantages. Singapore companies that generate profits outside the country are not liable to pay tax. From2008, companies that do business within the nation have to pay just 17% on their chargeable income. A newly built company is able to claim for full tax exemption on the first year of the business. There is no estate duty.

Official language of the place is English. People from diverse regions have found Singapore corporation establishment a brilliant idea.

Corporate Requirements

Corporate requirements are simple. It is not tough to follow these requirements. Each offshore company in Singapore must have a local registered office address which should be a physical address.

It is necessary to appoint at least one director who must be either a Singapore citizen, an employee pass holder or a permanent resident.

The company share holder must be a corporate shareholder instead of bearer shares. A private limited needs to appoint a company secretary and the yearly business audit takes place of the company for whom it is necessary to appoint a local auditor. A public company in Singapore has to appoint a local company secretary.

The details of company’s shareholders, directors and secretary must be given to the foreign regulatory department of the nation.

Every year, it is must to submit an annual return with audited accounts on time otherwise penalties can be charged for those who pay off late.

Easy Company Setup

To setup your company in Singapore without much difficulty, ask help from Costituzione di società off-shore agencies. They are specialized in offering wide ranges of assistance. They encourage investors to invest in various types of company formation plans. They offer various types of company formation services including office setup, company registration, accounting, company secretary, nominee and office assistance. Customized office establishment packages are offered to choose from. One has freedom to choose a well-suitable company establishment package. A successful and well-organized company can be established.

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