British Virgin Islands Offshore Incorporation

Investment in islands are considered safe these days. British Virgin Islands, best known as BVI is one of the most wonderful island countries for offshore investment. It has made its reputation in the international market for wide varieties of business setup including export-import, manufacturing and IT. BVI offers to form a private limited firm in pleasant environment. In other words, easy company formation rules, flexibility and tax rebate are offered by the land to private international business firms. Business companies in BVI may not own a property in BVI but may take lease of an office. A common business rules are followed by each international business company. Any type of currency can be used for your business. At least one director is required to appoint. It is not mandatory that the director should be from BVI. Meetings of the business can be organized anywhere, it doesn’t matter to the BVI government.

At least, one shareholder is required to appoint. Company secretary appointment is optional. You can either appoint a local or a foreign company secretary.  The government of the country has given freedom from audit. There is no yearly audit required. Such freedom in a business encourage positive growth. Therefore, foreign investors from several parts of the world are investing in BVI. The interesting thing is that not only big but also small scale investors have taken interest in investment. You can appoint local employees or can outsource employees. The land is keen to see more investors because they believe that it gives strength to its economy.

To start a private international business in BVI, it is advised to hire an overseas offshore incorporation agency. They are expert in dealing with wide varieties of business support by offering wide varieties of company setup services. According to your needs and budget, you can choose a package or customize a package from a company formation consultancy. A gold package offers to provide company registration, office setup, offshore banking, company secretary, office work support, attorney and nominee service. Easy and fast company formation promise is made by the agency. Investors who are serious for company formation in BVI can consult to a leading overseas company establishment agency. They are master in dealing with all types of company setup issues. They provide proper support to the investor who are new to the offshore venture and has no idea where to start and how to start.

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