Malta Offshore Incorporation

Various countries are inviting offshore investors these days and Malta is one them. The Southern European country is famous as a travel destination in the world and gradually developing into a hot spot for offshore company establishment. Malta offers incredible business opportunities to both big and small scale investors. The business establishment rules are easy to follow and freedom is seen for investors. The government of the country offers to start a business in a short span of time by following just three steps:

  • Company registration
  • Local office address
  • Offshore bank account in Malta

Like Belize and Seychelles, the country offers attractive business rules. A huge tax relief is offered to businessmen that help them grow rapidly. Moreover, the government of the country don’t charge anything extra for renewal of your company papers, it just needs fees of $100. The country offers to invest in wide varieties of things including travel, transport, IT, retail etc… Euro investment is required. The prime language of the country is Maltese but English is widely spoken so there will be no such problems come in the way of communication. If you face language problem, you can hire a translator. Likewise, if you feel that offshore business establishment can take more time, it is better to hire an offshore company establishment guide. These days, such agencies offer excellent platform for business formation to offshore investors. They are expert in resolving offshore corporation issues. They help to start a happy work environment by offering various types of company formation services. Various types of flexible company formation packages are offered by them to choose from. A standard package includes company registration support. Online company registration facility is offered by these agencies to save quality time. Moreover, the package includes office setup facility in which readymade offices are offered to choose from. Investors can able to start work production as soon as possible because readymade office package doesn’t take much time to start work. Apart from this, full company work support is offered through accounting and office work assistance. Nominee service is too offered that allows offshore investors to maintain the remote investment as a secret. In Malta, it is must to appoint a company secretary that can also be appointed by the help of an offshore company formation agent. These facilities and assistance help remote investors to start work as soon as possible. They find offshore investment lucrative.

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