Setting Up Offshore Incorporation in Belize

Setting up a business offshore is challenging. There are lots of hurdles come in your way. If you invest in a powerful and popular countries like the UK, USA and Australia, you can face tough competition. Therefore, the time has come when you can convert offshore investment into smart investment by choosing a country that is gradually becoming a favourite place for offshore investment. The level of competition is not so tough and that can give an assurance of smooth business progress. Starting an offshore business in Belize could be the best option to go with. Belize is an independent county that has successfully completed over 30 years of its independence. The population of the country is around 3 lakhs and different religion people are living here. Offshore corporation dream can be set in this county because it gives warm welcome to foreign investors. Easy rules have been formed for foreign investors to Belize.

Any type of legal business can be started in the country. Freedom is provided to form private limited, partnership, sole proprietor, public investment and trust. Low cost business establishment guarantee is provided by allow to establish a private limited company under your budget. There is no need to submit annual accounts, no statutory return to make, no tax calculation and only a fixed annual fee to keep your private firm is required to pay off timely. The government of the county doesn’t put pressure for company share capital because minimum 1 share capital is enough to have. It is not necessary to appoint two directors and at the same time, no need to appoint a director from Belize. It is not mandatory to have a company secretory. 0% tax is lavished if your business is in international trading from Belize. Easy company rules will surely help you to dream big. Therefore, Belize is gradually becoming a favourite nation for offshore investment.

It is advised to hire an offshore company formation agency in Belize. These days, these agencies are playing a pivotal role in establishment of a business.

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