Seychelles: An Emerging Land for Offshore Corporation

In this world, there are various nations where one can start an offshore business. Apart from the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand, progressive nations are also targeted by offshore investors. They are ready to spend on the countries that has low population rate and stable economy. Seychelles is one of progressive nations. It was situated in Indian Ocean. The population of the country is moderate and economy has found steady growth. The country has made by accumulating 155 islands. Seychelles is considered a wonderful destination for those businessmen who are looking for less competitive business field.

Seychelles is keen to offer various types of business opportunities to foreign investors. The country has been in the rein of British and has successfully completed over 30 years of independence. The British culture influence can be noticed in Seychelles. The official language of the country is English and French. Various types of business opportunities are offered in this land. Foreigners can invest in agriculture, travel, IT and retail businesses in Seychelles.

In order to attract more and more foreigners to Seychelles, the government of the country has setup very easy rules for foreign investors. Private limited, partnership and branch business can be setup in Seychelles. Most of the foreign investors in Seychelles have spent on private limited. 

The country offers complete tax relief to foreign investors. There is no need to appoint two company directors or it is not necessary to appoint a local company director. Business auditing doesn’t take place. Lots of flexibilities to foreign businessmen are provided. There is no tough competition faced by foreign investors. During company registration, it is possible to bring anonymity of investors. They can request to keep the business owner name as a secret that cannot be displayed in front of public.

Business formation in Seychelles can be started with the setup of an office. When company registration task is over, it is good to start investment in office setup. A virtual office can be formed at an affordable price. Internet service, fax machine, telephone and several types of office setup accessories are required. If you think that office setup can take quality time, it will be better to take help from a Offshore agency. It will help you to setup any type of business in Seychelles in a well-organized way.

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