Offshore Company Formation Guide for Mauritius

Are you planning to set up a business offshore? Mauritius could be one of the best destinations for you. This beautiful island has lots of possibilities to make a business successful. Mauritius is a peaceful island. The steady economic growth is noticed in the island. Apart from that political status of the island is stable. The government of Mauritius is soft towards foreign investors and allowing to invest in multiple fields including travel, agriculture, garment and IT. Easy investment rules have been made in order to attract investors. Therefore, Mauritius is considered as an ideal place for investment. Here are some simple guide to establish a company in Mauritius.

Decide your Business


Without wasting your precious time, it is necessary to decide on your business you would prefer to do in Mauritius. For this, it is necessary to study the business market of the island and secondly, your skills in the business field. These are two important things to follow to establish your business successfully outside your country. Remember, you will avoid to do any business for which you have no work experience and no special training. Offshore business settlement is itself a matter of risks and if you want to start a business that is new for you could make your plan of offshore corporation unsuccessful. Ensure that the type of business you want to start offshore has possibility to grow.  



Without having enough finance, you cannot think of offshore investment. It is necessary to be financial fit. Having strong financial background gives you courage to start your business successfully. You will be able to take up challenges in your business because you have financial support. So, be prepared financially.

Company Formation


Mauritius offers to form different types of companies. You can form a private limited, partnership, sole proprietary etc… Decide on the type of company you would like to form. Forming a private limited is the best idea if you want to develop as a special company. Partnership is an ideal decision when you have not enough financial support. A branch office can be formed in order to take your business to the international market. Carefully decide on the type of offshore company formation will be better for you.

 Company Formation Steps


Now, the time has come when you go ahead with your plan step by step. For Offshore Incorporation, it is required to register your company, secondly need to setup an office, offshore bank account and arranging nominee if you want to maintain privacy.

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