Offshore Company Formation Guide in Ireland

Ireland is appeared as one of the most prime places in the world for offshore company establishment. It is an independent island, offering attractive company formation deals to foreign investors. In other words, the island has no tough rules for offshore company establishment. From big companies to small scale companies, all can establish a company in Ireland. Growing economy, political stability and various business opportunities are three specific reasons for making Ireland as one of the best islands for investment. Earlier, Ireland economy is depended on agriculture. These days, travel, IT and different types of businesses are playing major roles in the economic condition of Ireland. Foreign investors can think of formation of various types of companies there.

Types of Companies

The prolific economy of the island offers to form private limited, public, partnerships and branches. Private limited is the most common form of business there. Small business scale owners like to setup a partnership business. Formation of a private limited company is associated with a few formalities such as no minimum threshold of share capital, need to appoint two directors in which one director is from Ireland and auditing should be done and filed annually.

Business Starting Rules

To start a private business in Ireland, it is important to have a registered office address in Ireland. Companies have flexibility to change the office address by informing the Ireland Company Registration Office. Registration of the office is must and in every letterhead the registered office should be mentioned.

It is necessary to appoint a company secretary who is responsible to regulate legal related work to maintain the company performance records and the secretary is responsible to file annual returns. Sharing of the capital is possible which should be at least one. Tax is also charged as per the company profits.

Offshore Company Formation Agencies

Taking help from a company formation agency to establish a company in Ireland is an appreciative and smart approach. It saves your quality time as well as money. Today, there are many offshore incorporation agencies work dedicate to provide various types of company formation services including accounting, tax management, secretarial services, nominee services, office registration and setup and document management. They offer various types of service packages from silver to gold. According to your desire and budget, business owners choose the package. Many businessmen have been helped by these company formation agents. 

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